The Branch Mobile

Welcome to our site YouTube. This page we are privliged and humbled exists for two primary reasons that we hope come through clear.

First, this particular page exists to those who may be cosidering paying us a visit, to see a bit of a broader scope illustrating that God has blessed us to worship and serve Him in not only Verdemont, but in places such as SKID Row in Los Angeles which has an unfathomalbe amount of homeless people. We been to New Brunswik, New Jersey, not once, but twice to help a church like ours called The Point reach their cocentrated gospel efforts. To Mission Bay, at Mission Beach, San Diego where we have taken up to 20 married couples at a time. And of course, be blessed enough to find ourselves headquartere for weekly Sunday moring 10:30 worship service at the wonderful commity center & Libray. Just a few quikck videos out of hundreds we've incurred though the life of a faithful church family.

Second, it exists so our Jesus loving and fun loving church family can revist our memories from time to time maybe gain new inspiration for the future, get a tugging on their heart to reach out to others they may have lost touch, and to use it as another way to allow the leadership of The Branch Church to remind of a saying so embedded in the foundation of our church, our weekly prayers include giving us all the boldness to pass the message on to just about everyone we know or make contact with. And that message is simply and powerfully...

"You Matter to God!'